Mobile Systems

The Mobile Aircraft Arresting System (MAAS) is a fully mobile self-contained system based on trailers with USAF standard brakes for rapid installation on a range of different surfaces.



“MAAS” is an US Air Force acronym for “Mobile Aircraft Arresting System”. It is basically a standard BAK-12 aircraft arresting system made mobile through installation on a MAAS trailer. Each trailer contains hydraulic tools and hardware necessary for installation and removal of the system. The ability to be installed in multiple configurations on several different surface types makes the MAAS a flexible system.

  • Self-contained system concept
  • USAF current standard mobile system
  • Diesel/Multi-fuel engine powered tape rewind system
  • Designed for transportation by truck, train and C-130 aircraft
  • Installation time is within hours
  • Made in the United States
  • Supply and support by ATECH Inc.